Welcome to Dreamscapes (Retrospective), a curated collection of authenticated digital artworks on the blockchain, a.k.a. crypto art, NFT art, nifties, or tokenized art.

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Throughout my decades-long quest to more effectively convey the power of special places and fully express the experiences I was having in the presence of great landscapes and cityscapes, I've explored several techniques and technologies. Recognizing that these scenes moved me not just visually but also viscerally and cognitively,  I came to realize that my photographs would need to do the same to be successful.

Diving deeply into the art history of the 400-year tradition of landscape painting in the Western world, I saw that the most captivating paintings were those that were thoughtfully composed and especially vibrant, immersive, and detailed. My inability to capture those qualities with a single exposure led me to devise my "XYZ" computational photography technique, which merges an array of dozens of individual photographs into a giant luminous panorama. This technique enabled me to finally create photo-based images of special places that could move people viscerally.

After four years of developing this technique, in the summer of 2015 Google released the open source code behind "DeepDream," a computer vision program evolved from their engineers' desire to visualize the inner workings of Deep Learning artificial intelligence models. DeepDream quickly went viral with many people using the software as a novelty, typically to transform their family photos into psychedelic nightmares. However, I sensed an opportunity to use DeepDream in a more nuanced way to add an expressive–or cognitive–element to my hyperrealistic landscape images. Fortunately, with the help of two brilliant engineers, Joseph Smarr (Google) and Chris Lamb (NVIDIA), in January 2016 a proprietary cloud-based AI customized for my purposes became an important part of my artistic toolset.

Since then I've been exploring the graphic possibilities of Dreamscapes, giant AI-augmented artworks that, I hope, make people feel... and think. This exploration has gone through several phases which include upscaling of details, multi-pass/multi-scale "dreaming," and "refracted" Cubism-inspired dreaming. This retrospective collection provides a carefully curated sampling of these explorations.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse (Pescadero, CA) 

Full Resolution Dreamscape

(image file: 54-shot panorama, 18250 x 14339 px; click here to interactively explore entire scene)

Pigeon Point Lighthouse Dreamscape Video

(video file: 60secs/HD/60fps; view on Vimeo for higher quality streaming)

Edition of 1: Highest bid

(available for bidding on SuperRare; reserve price: 12.0Ξ; successful bid unlocks original 261+ megapixel art file shown at top of page)

Untitled photo
Untitled photo
Untitled photo

Retrospective Quintet Cube

Dreamscape Details Medley

(interactive 3D objectoriginal artwork and 3D design by Daniel Ambrosi; 3D modeling courtesy of Glenn Easley)

Edition of 1: Highest bid

(available for bidding on SuperRarereserve price: 7.5Ξ)

Double Arch Alcove (Kolob Canyon, UT)

"Three-Pass" Dreamscape 

(video file: 60secs/1440x1440/60fps; view on Vimeo for higher quality streaming)

Edition of 5:  3.0Ξ

(available for purchase on KnownOrigin)

The Needle (Maui, HI)

"Double Dose" Dreamscape 

(video file: 15secs/4K/60fps; view on Vimeo for higher quality streaming)

Edition of 10:  2.5Ξ

(available for purchase on KnownOrigin)

Untitled photo

Ithaca Falls (Ithaca, NY)

"Double Dose" Dreamscape Detail

(image file: 16:9/5K)

Edition of 15:  2.0Ξ

(available for purchase on KnownOrigin)

Hanalei Lookout (Kauai, HI)

Dream Variations

(video file: 30secs/4000x4000px/30fps; view on Vimeo for higher quality streaming)

Edition of 20:  1.5Ξ

(available for purchase on KnownOrigin)

Untitled photo

SFMOMA (San Francisco, CA)

Infinite Dream

(image file: 5K x 5K)

Edition of 25:  1.0Ξ

(available for purchase on KnownOrigin)

About Daniel Ambrosi

Daniel Ambrosi is recognized as one of the founding creators of the emerging AI art movement and is noted for the nuanced balance he achieves in human-AI hybrid art.

Based near Silicon Valley in Half Moon Bay, California, Ambrosi has been exploring novel methods of visual presentation for over 40 years since entering the Program of Computer Graphics at Cornell University where he earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree and a Masters in 3D Graphics.

In 2011, Ambrosi devised a unique form of computational photography that generates exceptionally immersive landscape images. More recently, Ambrosi's "Dreamscapes" build upon his previous experiments by adding a powerful new graphics tool to his artistic workflow: an enhanced version of “DeepDream,” a computer vision program evolved from Google engineers’ desire to visualize the inner workings of Deep Learning artificial intelligence models.

With proprietary access to a customized version of DeepDream expressly modified by two brilliant software engineers, Joseph Smarr (Google) and Chris Lamb (NVIDIA), to operate successfully on his giant images, Ambrosi has been empowered to develop large scale artworks that display exquisite sensitivity and intricacy.

Ambrosi's engaging AI-augmented artworks and grand format landscape images have been exhibited at international conferences, art fairs, and gallery shows, installed in major tech offices, featured in multiple publications, and are collected by enthusiastic patrons worldwide.

Illustration courtesy of James Michael Mahoney

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