Bryant Park

(Before the Virus)

Welcome to Bryant Park (Before the Virus), a thematic collection of authenticated digital artworks on the blockchain, a.k.a. crypto art, NFT art, nifties, or tokenized art.

If these terms are new to you, please have a look at my brief explainer near the bottom of this page.

This scene was captured during rush hour from a window on the 16th floor of an office building on the southern edge of Bryant Park in midtown Manhattan just a couple years ago.

I became inspired to transform this photographic panorama into my most recent Dreamscape a couple weeks after my county in the San Francisco Bay Area became one of the first in the nation to issue strict shelter in place orders in response to the coronavirus. Even that early during this public health crisis, a bustling scene like this already started to feel like a distant dream.

Bryant Park (Before the Virus) fuses computational photography and artificial intelligence; specifically, it consists of a 45-shot, 482+ megapixel HDR panorama I captured in October 2018 that was ‘interpreted’ by a proprietary enhanced version of Google’s “DeepDream” AI software in March 2020.

Full Resolution Dreamscape

(image file: 45-shot panorama, 28000  ×  17245 px; click here to interactively explore entire scene)

Dreamscape Music Video

(video file: 60secs/HD/60fps; original music © Kevin Barnard 2020; sound effects © Jeff Gehlert, Allegro Media Design; view on Vimeo for higher quality streaming)

Edition of 1: Highest bid

(available for bidding on SuperRare; reserve price: 15.0Ξ; successful bid unlocks original 482+ megapixel art file shown at top of page)

Untitled photo
Untitled photo
Untitled photo

Dreamscape Details Quintet Cube

(interactive 3D art object: original artwork and 3D design by Daniel Ambrosi; 3D modeling courtesy of Glenn Easley)

Edition of 1: Highest bid

(available for bidding on SuperRare; reserve price: 7.5Ξ)

Untitled photo

Upscaled Dreamscape Detail

(image file: 8K x 8K)

Edition of 5:  3.0Ξ

(available for purchase on KnownOrigin)

Double Dose Dreamscape Video Loop

(video file: 15secs/4K/60fps; view on Vimeo for higher quality streaming)

Edition of 10:  2.5Ξ

(available for purchase on KnownOrigin)

Untitled photo

Double Dose Dreamscape Detail

(image file: 16:9/5K)

Edition of 15:  2.0Ξ

(available for purchase on KnownOrigin)

Dream Variations Video Loop

(video file: 30secs/4000x4000px/30fps; view on Vimeo for higher quality streaming)

Edition of 20:  1.5Ξ

(available for purchase on KnownOrigin)

Untitled photo

Infinite Dream

(image file: 5K x 5K)

Edition of 25:  1.0Ξ

(available for purchase on KnownOrigin)

Illustration courtesy of James Michael Mahoney

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