Dreamscapes: The First Ten Years

Welcome! If you're reading this page, it most likely means that you are curious about, considering bidding on, or perhaps even successfully purchased my commemorative Dreamscapes NFT with extensive unlockable content. Dreamscapes: The First Ten Years dropped on SuperRare in September 2021, ten years after the serendipitous start of this art project (read my illustrated narrative for more about the history and ambitions of this project).

This page describes the items that the purchase of this special NFT unlocks and how to access those items (see details below re: verification of private Discord channels). If indeed you are the owner of this unique NFT, thanks so much for your support and interest in my art. It means the world to me to have you as one of my committed collectors. I look forward to a long and fruitful artist-collector partnership with you. –Daniel Ambrosi

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Master Image Files:

This collage features a small sample of the huge library of artworks I've created over the last ten years (see danielambrosi.com). The 12 landscape panoramas along the edges represent the computational photography foundation from which the 9 AI-augmented artworks in the center of the collage ultimately emerged. Your NFT purchase entitles you to download the full resolution (25200 x 21200 px; 572MB) Dreamscapes: The First Ten Years collage image file as well as full resolution digital files of all 21 images comprising this collage.

Master Video Loop:

Your NFT purchase also entitles you to download the original (4K/16:9/60fps/2GB) Dreamscapes: The First Ten Years video loop. This silky smooth 5-minute visual tour of your digital art collage is specifically designed for continuous exhibition on the highest quality display screens available.

Double Arch Alcove in Kolob Canyon,  Zion National Park, UT

Double Arch Alcove in Kolob Canyon, Zion National Park, UT

Download the original 60-shot (4w x 3h x 5d; 13658 x 9287 px) image that started this artistic journey; conceived, captured, and assembled on September 27, 2011.

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Private Discord Channels:

Let's open a line of communication via your own private text and voice channels on my dreamscapes.ai Discord server. To verify your identity, please temporarily add your Discord Tag to your bio in the SuperRare collector account you used to purchase my Dreamscapes: The First Ten Years NFT and then use the Contact link at the top of this page to let me know  you're ready to join these channels. As soon as we're connected, I'll provide you the links to download all of the digital originals listed above.

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Hand-Signed Deep Learning Book Cover Proof:

In 2016, I was commissioned by renowned AI researcher Ian Goodfellow (inventor of generative adversial networks, aka GANs) to develop the cover art for his soon-to-be bestselling textbook, Deep Learning. This cover art was subsequently renewed for all international editions of the book. Text me your shipping address on our private Discord channel and I'll send you a hand-signed proof of this book cover, one of only five in my possession.

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Dreamscapes VR Gallery Guided Tour:

My Dreamscapes VR gallery in SpatialXR works across many platforms including web and mobile, but there's nothing like the sense of scale of my giant artworks that you get when you're immersed in a VR headset. Whether or not you already have a headset, ping me on our private Discord channel when you're ready to have a look around and I'll give you a personal guided tour of my virtual gallery. 

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Private Dreamscapes Commission:

Your purchase of this commemorative NFT entitles you to a complimentary Dreamscapes commission (travel expenses not included) to depict a landscape or cityscape of your choosing. Commission deliverables include no less than six thematically-related final digital art files. I'll retain creative control and copyright; you'll get exclusive unrestricted licensing rights to print, exhibit, display, sell and/or sublicense all final artworks. 

Reach out to me on our private Discord channel when you've chosen your special place and you're ready to arrange travel. (Please note that my computational photography technique requires the use of a tripod and shooting from a stable platform; shooting from the air or on the water are not viable options.)

Thanks again for your patronage. I can't wait to collaborate with you on your private Dreamscapes commission! –Daniel Ambrosi

Illustration courtesy of James Michael Mahoney

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