Giant landscapes and cityscapes imbued with a stunning degree of unexpected detail through a combination of computational photography and artificial intelligence. Learn more

(All Dreamscapes available as luminous LED-edgelit silicone-edged tension fabric structures. For inquiries, please click the "CONTACT" link above. See Products & Pricing)

"Daniel Ambrosi is a groundbreaking visionary artist straddling the worlds of fine art, science, and nature. At once these singular works are both hyperrealism and surrealism. Ambrosi wields a supercomputer as his brush, conjuring images of remarkable beauty and clarity. He has harnessed state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and applied it to nature, producing these amazing 'Dreamscapes' that are visually stunning, gorgeously composed, and which reveal a magic and mystery that is exhilarating." –Paul Fisher, art dealer/curator 

Behind the Scenes

Swan Song Project Vision Page

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