Dreamscapes 2: From Inner Space to Outer Space - Daniel Ambrosi
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Dreaming of a Cure

Honored to have my art piece, "Dreaming of a Cure", a detail of this Dreamscape, selected for Infinite Potentials, a joint international traveling exhibition by SciArt Center and the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute. Here's my statement about this piece:

A 2016 study led by The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, proved that the prostate basal cell layer contains adult stem cells which possess a unique gene expression profile resembling the deadliest form of prostate cancer. This exciting discovery opens a new line of promising treatment to combat this scourge.

“Dreaming of a Cure” consists of an optical microscopy image scan of actual human prostate tissue (courtesy of Adam K. Glaser, Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Washington) that has been transformed by a custom version of Google’s “DeepDream” artificial intelligence software modified expressly for the artist, Daniel Ambrosi, by Joseph Smarr (Google) and Chris Lamb (NVIDIA).

It is abundantly clear that artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms will be increasingly important to the continued progress of scientists and researchers. Less obvious to some observers is that these tools are radically advancing purely artistic and creative endeavors as well. My AI-augmented interpretation of this tissue scan represents a metaphor of the infinite potential of man-machine collaborations in both science and art with the specific intent of blurring the lines between these two disciplines.