Daniel Ambrosi

Daniel Ambrosi

Welcome to danielambrosi.com, a portfolio of my best panoramic images and visual experimentations. Enjoy!


Dreamscapes: A Collaboration of Nature, Man, and Machine

Dreamscapes 2: From Inner Space to Outer Space

Upscaled Dreamscape Details: Dreams within Dreams

Panorama Collections

Printed and Published Works

About the Artist

Daniel Ambrosi is based in Half Moon Bay, California. Daniel has been exploring novel methods of visual presentation since graduating from Cornell University in 1984 with degrees in architecture and computer graphics (Cornell National Scholar & Eschweiler Prize Recipient). He began his career with NBBJ, one of the largest architectural design firms in the world, where he introduced the use of 3D graphics for design visualization in the mid-80s. In the mid-90s, Daniel’s career transitioned to tech marketing beginning with a tenure at 3D workstation manufacturer, Silicon Graphics. He has been an independent marketing consultant since 2003 while continuing to experiment with visual communications technologies in his spare time. In 2011, Daniel devised a unique form of computational photography that generates extremely high resolution immersive vibrant images. Daniel's latest work builds upon his previous experiments by adding a powerful new graphics tool to his artistic workflow; namely "DeepDream," a technique evolved from Google engineers' desire to visualize the inner workings of Deep Learning artificial intelligence models.

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